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It is a common for religious people to say that their god through scripture, gives us a way to live moral lives. But does morality really come from a Divine Being? In this podcast, we delve into this question regarding morality.

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In this podcast, I discuss how our ancestors, before they created religions, have come to realise that it is indeed wise to treat others the way you want to be treated. Today, Sunday, 3rd November 2013, Chapter 11 of the Tyranny of God, Why We Are Moral.

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Friday, 19 July 2013 20:19

Baron D'Holbach v02

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Morality Does Not Come From Religion Lecture by Marquez Comelab, author of The Tyranny of God organised by The Atheist Society, conducted in the Unitarian Church in Melbourne, Australia. 8th March 2011.

It has always been proposed by the religious that without religion, humanity will succumb to chaos and destruction. In a lecture organised by The Atheist Society in the Unitarian Church in Melbourne on the 8th of March 2011, Marquez Comelab argues that religion is taking undue credit for something that is naturally human.

To argue his point of view, he begins by taking us back to envision ancient societies, discussing the Golden Rule, and three universal truths of human nature that allow, force and pressure us to behave. These three universal truths, he argues, predispose human beings to be moral.

Many people believe that if you do not believe in God, it would be hard for you to know what is right from wrong. But is this true? I believe that religion is getting undue credit for something that is naturally part of human nature.

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