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And here is where you and I may differ in our pevipectsres.For a number of years I have employed my phrase "Islam IS as Islam DOES."Yes, I recognize that the bulk of Muslims are in Indonesia. To date, the greatest threat doesn't yet source from Indonesia -- though as you and I both know it's had its moments.The greatest threat comes from the Middle East, its madrasas, its corruption of some form of the Koran, depending upon which form the writer is interpreting.Islam -- unbeknownst to elitist American Leftists -- is a greater threat to women, to gays, to so-called liberal thinking.Nothing like a good clitorectomy or a stoning or a nose-cutting or honor-killing to start your day, eh wot?Islam is predominantly misogynistic, plain and simple. And I won't submit nor will most American women and I won't be bowing towards Mecca and I won't be Borg'ed and Islam can kiss my ancient, rosy-red, pimpled and hairy ass.Anyone want my country or my women or my weapons? Molon labe.BZ