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I have always ask these qutiosens ever since I was a child. I was born a southern baptist and have tried many different religions. I have ask many ministers, priests, and religious leaders to explain and no one has been able to explain it.If Adam and Eve is true, and they had 2 sons, how did the human race expand? Also wouldn't make all of us practicing incest because we would all be related as our roots would run back to Adam and Eve?Noah's Ark was interesting when I grew up and learned there are 10 million different species of animals on the planet. If he gathered a male and female of each species,he would need an ark that could hold 20 million animals. That ark would have been larger than any cruise ship we today. Secondly who determine which male and which female was welcomed aboard? And what did the other members of the species do to deserve being left off the ark?With the help of an older neighbor and maturity, I realized these were just metaphors to help us understand the basics of earth itself.Jesus was a great story teller and like any great communicator, story telling helps to get your point across. Unfortunately too many have been scared to death by people, also frightened as a child, to never question anything religious. I believe that by questioning where we came from, and life itself, we miss the valuable lessons that will make us better human beings.Based on today's religious beliefs, why have millions of people died in the name of God? Do you really believe God would killed anything out of anger or fear? When I have read the Bible, Jesus never walked away from those in need, sick, or ever struck anyone. So how can there be religious wars between people who claim to believe in the word of God? Do you think Jesus would ever strike or wish bad things on any human being regardless of what they have said or done?