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Thursday, 05 March 2009 23:37

What Will The Future Hold?

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books, impacted the way I choose to live my life. He introduced me to seeing the world through different eyes. I loved The Cash Flow Quadrant the most. Now, in short 20 chapters, Chris Martenson has summarised many of the ideas Kiyosaki had been writing about and he does so by getting right into the details. In a Crash Course that took him 4 years to create and research, he is now distributing it for free.

Take The Crash Course now. What is it about? It is about how our economy, our ever-dwindling supply of oil and our exhausted resources may eventually culminate in disaster. Similar ideas have been explored by Peter Joseph in his film The Zeitgeist Addendum. I was thinking of writing another book about these issues but people like Peter Joseph and Chris Martenson are expressing and distributing these ideas very effectively. The least I could do is to refer people to watch their works.

One of the reasons why I wrote The Tyranny Of God was to introduce and argue the idea that there is no God to take care of us. The fate and destiny of humanity and its planet depend entirely on us. Many of our religious beliefs hinder and distract us from recognising and understanding our predicament as a species existing in an indifferent universe.

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