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Friday, 04 June 2010 20:03

Queensland Schools can now teach Creationism

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For many of those who still deny the ever-strengthening influence of religion in Australia, arguing that maybe if we ignore religion, it will go away, perhaps they would be alarmed to know that Queensland State Schools will soon be teaching Creationism / Intelligent Design in their classrooms.

How can Australia begin to influence the world when it is allowing its children to be brain-washed with such baseless, simplistic answers to humanity's biggest questions? We are living in 2010 and all the evidences we have discovered that can explain much about our existence, amounts to nothing if the knowledge of those who have gone before us are not passed on to the next generation.

Further, in a multi-cultural society, why should tax payers money be used to favour one branch of religion by teaching only a Judeo-Christian explanation of who we are and why we are here? There are Buddhists, Muslim, Aboriginal versions too? What benefit is this for them? Our public education system needs to remain secular. Tax payer's money are supposed to benefit everybody... not just the Christians.

Last modified on Friday, 05 August 2011 23:36

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