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Saturday, 06 July 2013 17:01

Egypt is Struggling not to fall under Sharia Law

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Egypt is struggling not to fall under Sharia Law. We were going to summarise the events of what is happening in Egypt however Vlogbrothers from YouTube already did this very well.

We would like reiterate that President Mosri made a decree in November to allow himself to be an authoritarian ruler. He is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood who wants Sharia Law to form the basis of how Egyptians are ruled. The passing of this decree will result in Egypt falling under the rule of Sharia Law. After the military deposed Mosri off his position as President, the Muslim Brotherhood began organising a campaign of violent protests and they vow not to stop until Mosri is back in power.

Last modified on Sunday, 07 July 2013 21:52

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  • Comment Link Doyu Saturday, 28 September 2013 15:50 posted by Doyu

    And here is where you and I may differ in our pevipectsres.For a number of years I have employed my phrase "Islam IS as Islam DOES."Yes, I recognize that the bulk of Muslims are in Indonesia. To date, the greatest threat doesn't yet source from Indonesia -- though as you and I both know it's had its moments.The greatest threat comes from the Middle East, its madrasas, its corruption of some form of the Koran, depending upon which form the writer is interpreting.Islam -- unbeknownst to elitist American Leftists -- is a greater threat to women, to gays, to so-called liberal thinking.Nothing like a good clitorectomy or a stoning or a nose-cutting or honor-killing to start your day, eh wot?Islam is predominantly misogynistic, plain and simple. And I won't submit nor will most American women and I won't be bowing towards Mecca and I won't be Borg'ed and Islam can kiss my ancient, rosy-red, pimpled and hairy ass.Anyone want my country or my women or my weapons? Molon labe.BZ


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