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In the previous podcast, we looked at the basic premise of democracy and the crucial concept of separating religion from the state. This Separation of Church from State is under threat in two fronts: Christian Dominionism and Shariah Law. Building on that in this podcast, I will discuss how Religions are undermining our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Thought. This Sunday, 11th of May 2014, The Final Part of Chapter 17 of the Tyranny of God, God's Threat to Democracy.

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Today, we live in a world that has accepted and embraced many concepts that were once considered heretical, blasphemous or just generally irreligious. Yet, in most measures, our lives are generally much better off than they have ever been if we compare them with the lives of our ancestors living in the medieval ages and in more ancient times. In this podcast, I will argue that Religion continues to threaten the basic foundation of our modern societies: democracy.    

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In this podcast, I will pick up from where we left off and discuss how the role and our perception of money and wealth evolved from just something to give to the church, to something that people used as an indicator of their soul's fate, and now, as something on which we have built our capitalist societies. From there, I will discuss the rise of irreligious and secular ideas. I will list what they were and how we have changed the way we perceive ourselves and how we approach our lives.

This Sunday, 16th of March 2014, Part 2 of Chapter 16 of the Tyranny of God, Escape from Religious Despotism.

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In the previous podcast, we broadcasted the final part of Chapter 15 of the Tyranny of God where I hope to have shown how the two dominant religions, Christianity and Islam came to dominate our civilisation not by mysterious divine powers but by being methodical in ways that evolved over time as religious leaders learnt from what worked and what didn’t. For thousands of years, humanity has followed similar patterns of inventing religions, growing their number of followers through brute force and violence as evidenced by our history of wars and battles due to religious competition. Although we still have many people holding to divisive ideas and belief systems today, it is still remarkable and worthy of celebrations that we have managed to somehow break free from a world totally led and controlled by religious zealots.

In the next Chapter, we will come to understand the inspiring story of how we have accomplished this feat. This Sunday, 23rd of February 2014, Chapter 16 of the Tyranny of God, Escape from Religious Despotism.

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