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Scientific Knowledge, Theories, Facts & Figures

When we try to understand life and the world using knowledge gained from our very own observations and experience, we become coherent, less conflicted and less frustrated and everything begins to make more sense.

Wednesday, 04 June 2008 17:03

The World-First Scientific Study On Marijuana

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LONG-TERM, heavy cannabis use causes significant damage to parts of the brain that regulate memory and emotion, Australian researchers have found in a world-first study. Marijuana shrinks parts of the brain known as the hippocampus and amygdala. "The hippocampus helps turn an experience into a memory that can last longer than a few minutes. It has also been linked to navigational abilities...The amygdala also helps lay down permanent memories and cues our emotional response to the world. Damage to this part of the brain can lead to emotional problems such as irrational fear or phobias."

(Source) Comment: This is very interesting because for a while now, we could only speculate about the harmfulness or the benefits of marijuana use without really having any hard data. Scientific studies such as these help provide us with more reliable, testable and measurable data.

Thursday, 08 May 2008 08:31

The Duck-Billed Platypus DNA

Written by
Scientists found the DNA sequence of the duck-billed playtypus and it is as strange as the animal looks. The DNA sequence shows that the duck-billed platypus is a mix of mammal, reptile and bird. The platypus is a monotreme, from a group of mammals that diverged from the marsupials and placental mammals about 166 million years ago. What an amazing creature: it takes us back in time when mammals used to lay eggs but feed their young with milk. It is great to know that we have a live evidence that links mammals, like us, to the rest of the reptiles and birds. (Source)
Thursday, 17 April 2008 15:33

Climate expert Stern 'underestimated problem'

Written by
Latest climate science showed global emissions of planet-heating gases were rising faster and upsetting the climate more than previously thought, Nicholas Stern [Climate Change Expert] said in a Reuters interview today... "Emissions are growing much faster than we'd thought, the absorptive capacity of the planet is less than we'd thought, the risks of greenhouse gases are potentially bigger than more cautious estimates, and the speed of climate change seems to be faster," he told Reuters at a conference in London. (Source)
Saturday, 16 February 2008 08:11

Scientists paint grim picture of human impact on oceans

Written by
" ALMOST half of the world's oceans have been seriously affected by overfishing, pollution and climate change, according to an international study of humankind's impact on marine life. A team of 19 scientists has published the first comprehensive map showing the combined impact of human activity on seas and oceans. More than 40% of marine regions have been significantly altered, while just 4% remain in a pristine state."
Tuesday, 18 December 2007 16:07

Giant Rat Found In Indonesia

Written by
A new species of mammals have been discovered in Indonesia. They look like giant rats, weighing around 1.5 kilos. (Source)
Saturday, 26 August 2006 15:31

DNA research centre opens at Adelaide Uni

Written by
A new research unit at the University of Adelaide will allow scientists to use ancient DNA to investigate environmental and evolutionary change over the past 50,000 years. (Source: ABC)
Sunday, 20 August 2006 22:24

Frigid sperm still works 15 years on

Written by
"Sperm extracted from mice and testes that have been frozen for as long as 15 years have yielded normal, healthy offspring in a study that researchers say heralds fresh hopes for bringing back extinct species." Source.
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Book On Reason

The Tyranny Of God by Marquez Comelab - Book on Religion, Science, Reason, Faith, Atheism and Reasonism

The Tyranny Of God

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Is there a God? Where do the animals, plants and human beings come from? Are scriptures the words of gods? Does religion teach us to live moral lives? Why do so many people kill and are killed over it? How should we live our lives if God exists? How should we live it if God does NOT exist?

This book explores the truth behind our beliefs in God and the propensity of human beings to be religious. In an honest attempt to seek the answers to life's deepest questions, I probe into how life began. I then progress to investigate the true nature of religions and their impact on our lives and the rest of humanity.

The main purpose of this book is not to argue against religion. Rather, it tells our story and how we have come to oppress ourselves with the tyranny of our own beliefs. I wrote this book to include everything I discovered to be relevant in my search for the truth, not just the truth behind God and morality, but also behind us and our existence. Instead of reading this book with the expectation that it is trying to prove the tyranny of God, I would like to recommend you read it as a story book: as a book that tells the story of humanity from the Big Bang.


"While Comelab's writing is always moderate in tone, its message clearly undermines current distractions with accommodationist arguments towards presumed religious "moderates". It is written with the fresh confidence of a young man who has had early success in his adopted country and only recently come to realise the truth of atheism. For those like me whose only worry about Atheism has long been its faultering progress, Comelab reminds us that much of the energy must continue to come from those who have more recently learned the truth. He seems more than bright enough to soon progress to seeing atheism not as an end but as a starting point to the kind of understanding that should enable us to work towards a future incomparably better than any heaven the faithful can imagine."


Its beyond my imagination that you can put it all together in a book. Two thumbs up! You can not imagine what happen when I first read the title of your book, and got excited about it and kept reading until dawn. I commend you in putting so much effort to collecting data and put it together to support your idea. 

How can I say this... your book is really ME in here, existing to tell, spread, and contradict  but in very small area only (very limited, considering my country religion majority). Most of it can only be talked between my family member and close friends. Your book provides BEAUTIFUL BITTER TRUTH : that is how I would sum it up.

I called it beautiful because it opens up the very shell of a religions and the implications it caused over the past hundred, even thousands of years. I cannot describe with my limited english skill the insight your book has shown. But I am AFRAID your book WILL NEVER SPREAD TO MY COUNTRY. It will cause a massive attacks and chaos from the religious majority. I feel happy but the same time sad, really sad...Well again I cannot say THANK YOU ENOUGH.

- J. A. (Indonesia)

This book has taught me so much about evolution, the history of religions and the effect is has on our modern day society! The author shares his personal journey as a believer and provides much needed "food for thought". I recommend this book to all those who want to form their own opinion about believing or not believing.